Neal Vanderburg, Michele Shreiner Weber, Susan Crouse
Thompson, Johnny Dyer, Tom Thomason, Donnie McFatter,
front row, Debbie Aubin Vanderburg and Kara Hayes
Neal & Debbie Aubin
Susan Crouse
Tom Thomason & wife
CBS (Channel 11 in the Ft. Worth Dallas) interviews
Neal Vanderburg
Kara Hayes in the background (left picture)
Friday Night Lights - Bedford, Texas
October 9, 2004
Permian Fans from all over the Dallas - Ft. Worth area packed the movie theater in
Bedford, Texas.
Here are a few pictures of classmates from the class of 1974
Donnie McFatter &
Donna Dyer McFatter
(class of 77)
Robert Dyer (class of 72)
& wife
Steve Looney - Austin, TX
Friday Night Lights show
Alamo Draft House Cinema
Richey & Judy Taylor Puga
Odessa, Texas-10-7-04
Friday Night Lights-Premier
Friday Night Lights 10-18-04 (pre party - afterwards party in Marla Williams home)
Sandy White Leahey, Leesa Kline Sanders
& Kay Keesee Stewart
Sherri Fry Smoot, Laura Taylor,
Bob & Gayla Johnson McDougal
Grady Wilkerson (class of 73),
Bucky Taylor, & Steve Weylandt
Cindy Johns Gorman & Steve
Lang (Jill's Husband)
Brenda Bryant Dodson &
Jill Swan Lang
Marla William Omar